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Grooming Policy



Cat Grooming Policies

All cats must be brought into the facility in a carrier. If you have multiple cats, they MUST be in separate carriers - NO EXCEPTIONS. You can purchase an additional carrier from Cat Connection during your check-in. Regardless of how loving your cats may be towards one another, they recognize each other by smell. After a groom that "normal smell" is gone and they do not recognize one another. They could cause harm to themselves, each other and possibly you.

Cats must be current on rabies and distemper vaccinations. There is a 2 week waiting period prior to grooming to ensure no side effects. All cats over the age of six months must be spayed or neutered - NO EXCEPTIONS.

If evidence of fleas are found, a gentle de-flea will be performed during the grooming procedure.

All collars must be removed. They can be securely fastened to the handle of their carrier.

All medications must be labeled with cat's name. owner's name, vet's name, instructions and what medicine is for. If your cat is diabetic, we cannot administer injections.

If your cat is medicated with ACEPROMAZINE, we ask that you medicate your cat on an empty stomach right before you transport your cat to Cat Connection. Please do not medicate your cat any earlier.

If you are unable to give your kitty the medication, please contact us and be sure you are here as soon as we open (Tues-Sat: 8:00 am).

We must have a telephone number where the owner can be reached in case of emergency or if additional services (shaving) are required.

When making your reservation, please be honest on the condition of your cats coat. We normally book all reservations 2-3 weeks out (yes, we are very popular!).

It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to maintain your cats coat, therefore do not neglect proper brushing and combing for 2 weeks just because you have a grooming appointment with us.

A cat's coat will not get in a complete matted stage in 2 weeks unless the cat has been neglected.

You also agree to let Cat Connection, thecatconnection.com and catconnection.net to take photos of your cat while boarding or being groomed and to use such photo for promotional, marketing and educational purposes. Your picture may be altered for the purposes of proper publication on the website. Cat Connection retains the rights of such image(s).

Basically, we like to take cat pictures to use on our web site and for informational and marketing materials. We may use such photos for educational purposes in training new employees and to keep a record of any special grooming services. And it is really fun for you to show off to your friends and family! This also applies to any cat that may be boarding or being groomed by us.

We do not accept cats that are FIP (Infectious Peritonitis) positive. Nor can we take cats currently being treated for ringworm. Ringworm is a highly contagious condition and all medication prescribed must be completed 1 week prior to your cat's stay.

We do groom cats that are FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) or FLV (Lukemia Virus) positive.

Checking In

Tues-Sat: All cats must be checked in for grooming at their specified drop off time.

We reserve the right to refuse/reschedule any late arrivals.
We must be able to evaluate all cats prior to grooming.