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Cat Boarding Services

Why Should I Board My Cat?

It is important to remember that cats do not usually travel well. They usually do not enjoy it, nor do they adapt well to travel. Many people who try to take kitty along with them on their vacation end up spending most of their time searching for their escaped pet.

Leaving your cat with friends can be just as unsatisfactory. Cats must go through an adjustment period in a new environment and this means they will not look upon your friend's house as "home" for quite awhile. Therefore, your cat may try to escape from the strange house at every opportunity or hide as a fear reaction. Most cat owners realize that it is not fair to impose this kind of responsibility on their friends, nor is it a safe arrangement for their pets.

Obviously, the most satisfactory way of arranging for such care is to entrust your cat to a qualified cats only kennel, where the security arrangements are adequate to insure that your cat will not escape, and where the personnel are trained in observing and handling the problems which may arise in your absence.

Cats enjoy the "protected" feeling they get from being placed in a condo unit while being boarded. Your cat will probably want to sit in the corner of his unit and stare, until he feels comfortable in the new environment. Human contact does not necessarily accelerate this period of acclimatizing. It has to take place at the cat's own speed. A common reaction of cat owners to the idea of boarding is "kitty loves to run around." Perhaps he does at home, but while he is in unfamiliar surroundings, his condo gives him a feeling of safety. Cats exercise isometrically. This means that when a cat has enough room to stretch, he can exercise every muscle in his body. When your cat is in strange surroundings, around strange cats, he will prefer safety to space.

Boarding Your Cat with Us

We here at Cat Connection take great pride in our ability to care for your cat. Your cat's needs are our top priority and they will receive a lot of individual attention. All of our staff are cat lovers and cat owners (owned by cats may be the better term) and know just how to pamper your kitty while Mom and Dad are away. Please bring your cats food with you to avoid diet changes during their stay. We also encourage you to bring a favorite toy, towel, T-shirt or whatever might make your cat feel more at home.

Our Cat Condos

Our cat condos are made from seamless Formica and provide the maximum in health, privacy and protection. The adjustable sizes will accommodate from one to four cats. If your furry friends enjoy being together, we suggest connecting suites.

Fun & Play

Don't worry about your cats being in their condos all day. We have a large, brightly colored playroom furnished with catwalks, toys and cat furniture for their entertainment. Cats are also provided plenty of human interaction. The amount of time each cat spends in the playroom is dependent on how many cats are boarding with us and if your cat wants to be in the playroom.

Just In Case

Should your cat become ill while you are away, it will be taken to its own vet or to Cat Connection's on call vet. If your cat requires medication or has special needs while at the facility, our staff is fully trained to accommodate you. However, we do not administer any injections.

Features of Our Boarding Facility
• Award winning facility
• Immaculately clean and healthy environment
• Custom built playrooms for fun and exercise
• Music, cat videos and plenty of human interaction for entertainment and affection
• Meals served twice a day and litter boxes changed a minimum of twice daily at each feeding. We do rounds hourly between feedings to make sure your cats litter box is no more than an hour old!
• Loving attention from cat owners and lovers

Current Non-Holiday RATES:
$35.00 PER NIGHT (30" X 30" X 30" CONDO)
$35.00 Day Board

Current Holiday RATES:
$40.00 PER NIGHT (30" X 30" X 30" CONDO)

Cancellation Policy

Please let us know if there are any changes in your plans as soon as possible so we can accommodate your schedule. A credit card number is required in order to hold your reservation. Please note that reservation deposits are non refundable and additional charges will be due for last minute cancellations.


March 1 - April 30
includes Spring Break, Good Friday & Easter
May 3 - 14
includes Mother's Day
May 24 - September 10
includes Memorial Day, Father's Day, Fourth of July & Labor Day
November 22 - January 12
includes Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Year's

• Up to 4 days' prior notice of cancellation, no additional charge.
• 2 day prior notice of cancellation, charge of $70.00.
• Day prior/Same day cancellation or no-show, charge of $140.00.


• Up to 4 days' prior notice of cancellation, no charge.
• 2 day prior notice of cancellation, charge of $35.00.
• Day prior/Same day cancellation or no show, charge of $70.00.

Your credit card will not be charged for Acts of God.

Medication Administration
2 medication administration-no charge
3 or more medication administration $1.00 per medication per night
Please note that we do not administer injections or subcutaneous fluids.

*Check out after 12:00pm. the scheduled day of departure during peak seasons/holidays will be charged an additional night.


Even though we have a large facility, we tend to book up quickly (especially during the holidays). Be sure to make your cat's reservations at Cat Connection when making your own travel plans.


If you wish to have your cat groomed during their stay,
please contact us ASAP to secure a grooming reservation.

• Domestic Long/Medium Hair: $73.00*
• Maine Coon, Himalayan, Persian, Siberian, Ragdoll: $85.00*
• Domestic Short Hair: $63.00*

*Fees do not include additional services such as de-matting, shaving or flea treatment. All cats are checked for fleas before admission into the boarding room.


*At check-in if fleas are found on your cat(s), they will be groomed and given a Capstar flea treatment at the owner’s expense before they are allowed into the boarding room.

De-flea Domestic Shorthair - $73.00
De-flea Domestic Longhair - $83.00
De-flea Maine Coon, Himalayan, Persian, Siberian, Ragdoll - $95.00
If you suspect that your cat(s) has fleas before bringing them in, please call us prior to your boarding reservation to let us know.

Upper Respiratory Infection

If you feel that your cat is sick or may be sick, please DO NOT BRING US YOUR CAT TO BOARD WITH US! Feline Upper Respiratory Infection (F.U.R.I.) is very serious and can infect our facility and the other cats staying with us. This is the only thing Cat Connection has no control of and it is up to you as an owner to be responsible for your pet. If your cat is discovered with F.U.R.I., they will be removed from the facility immediately and taken to your veterinarian or emergency clinic. All vet and delivery charges will apply.

Please click here to see IMPORTANT INFORMATION below regarding F.U.R.I.

Boarding Drop off Times

Monday - Friday: 10-4
Saturday: 10-4
Sunday: Closed
We require that all cats be checked in at least 1 hour prior to closing.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you soon!
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